Caravana de la Muerte

New identifications of Pinochet’s Caravan of Death massacres in Calama

Forensic investigations carried out by Servicio Medico Legal on the remains of the Calama victims of Pinochet’s Caravan of Death on November 19, 1973 have now ended, leading to the re-identification of Rolando Hoyos Salazar, Rosario Munoz Castillo and Jose Saavedra Gonzalez, as well as the identification, for the first time, of Carlos Pinero Lucero and Milton Munoz Munoz. The remains were discovered in a mass grave in 1990, 13km away from Calama, on the road to San Pedro de Atacama.

The remains of victims Rafael Pineda Ibacache and David Luna Miranda have not been identified.

Calls for impunity from former military officer charged as an accomplice in Caravana de la Muerte

Juan Emilio Cheyre, a former military officer charged by Judge Mario Carroza as an accomplice in the torture and murder of 15 civilians during the Carvana de la Muerte massacres committed in La Serena, has denounced activists’ efforts to bring dictatorship-era perpetrators to justice. Activists, he declared, do not want to see Chile prosper. He called for denouncing dictatorship opponents, adding that only the police and the military should be involved in proceedings leading to indictment and subsequent prosecution.

Cheyre also stands accused of torturing Nicolas Barrantes and Luis Ravanal. Barrantes stated that the torture inflicted upon him only ended when the military murdered his brother, who was also detained and tortured.

Remembering the Caravana de la Muerte victims of La Serena


(La Serena victims of Caravana de la Muerte. Pictured: Marcos Barrantes Alcayaga, Jorge Contreras Godoy, Carlos Alcayaga Varela, Oscar Cortes Cortes, Hipolito Cortes, Jorge Jordan Domic, Jorge Pena Hen, Manuel Macarian, Mario Ramirez Sepulveda, Oscar Aedo Herrera, Jorge Osorio Zamora, Roberto Guzman Santa Cruz. The other two victims not shown above are Victor Escobar Astudillo, Gabriel Vergara Munoz and Jose Araya Gonzalez.)

On October 16, 1973 in La Serena, 15 Chileans were murdered in Augusto Pinochet’s extermination operation dubbed the Caravan of Death. La Serena was the first stop in the second part of the operation targeting the north of Chile. The victims were brutally mutilated before being shot and disappeared, buried in unmarked, mass graves.

The military officials responsible for the Caravan of Death massacres are Sergio Arellano Stark, Sergio Arredondo Gonzalez, Pedro Espinoa Bravo, Carlos Lopez Tapia, Marcelo Moren Brito, Antonio Palomo Contreras, Emilio Robert de la Mahotiere Gonzalez, Luis Felipe Polanco Gallardo, Juan Viterbo Chiminelli Fullerton and Armando Fernandez Larios.