Court indictment for Punta Peuco inmate

juan-mauricio-poblete-tropa-671x1000.80Former Chilean General Patricio Enrique Jeldres, an inmate at Punta Peuco prison, was indicted last Friday for the kidnapping of 20 year old MIR militant, Juan Mauricio Poblete Tropa.

The crime occurred on September 23, 1973, in Chillan. Poblete was kidnapped from his home close to midnight. His headless corpse was discovered on December 24, 1973. The forensic results of the remains were communicated on December 19, 2017.



Two former DINA agents, Manuel Carevic and Patricio Silva, have been sentenced to 541 days of imprisonment for the kidnapping and disappearance of Gonzalo Toro, a professor of Musical Arts at the University of Chile and MIR militant.

Toro was kidnapped on April 4, 1974 and severely injured. He was transferred to the military hospital where he remained until August 1, 1974, when he was due to be discharged from hospital. On the same day, DINA agents apprehended him from hospital. He was subsequently disappeared.



In contrast to his electoral campaign rhetoric which was on a milder level than that of his counterpart Jose Antonio Kast, Sebastian Pinera’s adherence to right-wing ideology is revealing itself with the appointment of Hernan Larrain, a defender of Colonia Dignidad’s leader Paul Schafer, as Minister for Justice.

During an interview, Larrain defended Schafer, saying that the accusations levelled against the German Nazi who established a colony in Chile and collaborated with the dictatorship was the victim of a frameup.

Alicia Lira, President of the Association of Relatives of Executed Political Prisoners (AFEP) denounced the appointment, declaring it a “sad precedent”, in view of the fact that Larrain was part of Schafer’s circle of friends.

Colonia Dignidad was shrouded in secrecy, thus making investigations into human rights abuses difficult. Schafer had fled from Germany to Chile after accusations of child molestation in 1959. For dictator August Pinochet, Schafer provided both location and opportunity for dictatorship crimes, including torture, murder and disappearance of political opponents. In return, Schafer’s depravity and torture of his own community were assured of impunity.

Valparaiso Court of Appeals orders the arrest of former DINA torturer Cristián Labbé

Former DINA agent, torture instructor and mayor of Providencia, Cristian Labbe, has been arrested upon orders by the Valparaiso Court of Appeals for his role in the kidnapping, detention and torture of Cosme Segundo Caracciolo Alvarez.

Caracciolo Alvarez was kidnapped from his home in March 1975 and taken to Rocas de Santo Domingo.

Labbé was also prosecuted in 2014 for his association with Tejas Verdes upon a series of accusations related to torture which came to light after publication of Javier Rebolledo’s book, “El Despertar de los Cuervos.”


Report discredits official version of Pablo Neruda’s death

pablo-nerudaThe panel of experts investigating the death of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda have discredited the official version which stipulates the cause of death as metastatic prostate cancer. While the cause of death is still unknown, there is unanimous consensus that the statement issued by the dictatorship is false, thus paving the way for additional investigations.

Judge Mario Carroza, who ordered the previous exhumations of Neruda’s remains, is expected to receive the expert’s report this evening, after which decisions regarding the judicial process and investigations will be decided. 

Neruda’s chauffeur, Manuel Araya, has repeatedly insisted that the poet was murdered at the Clinica Santa Maria by a doctor who injected a toxic substance in his abdomen. It has been alleged that the doctor administering the injection, known only as Dr Price, is the former CIA and DINA agent Michael Townley, now living under protection in the US.

In 1982, former Chilean Eduardo Frei Montalva was murdered at the Clinica Santa Maria by the Pinochet dictatorship. While undergoing surgery, Frei was poisoned with toxins manufactured by biochemist Eugenio Berrios.

Both Townley and Berrios were assigned duties related to the manufacturing of biological and chemical weapons during the Pinochet dictatorship. 



Calls for impunity from former military officer charged as an accomplice in Caravana de la Muerte

Juan Emilio Cheyre, a former military officer charged by Judge Mario Carroza as an accomplice in the torture and murder of 15 civilians during the Carvana de la Muerte massacres committed in La Serena, has denounced activists’ efforts to bring dictatorship-era perpetrators to justice. Activists, he declared, do not want to see Chile prosper. He called for denouncing dictatorship opponents, adding that only the police and the military should be involved in proceedings leading to indictment and subsequent prosecution.

Cheyre also stands accused of torturing Nicolas Barrantes and Luis Ravanal. Barrantes stated that the torture inflicted upon him only ended when the military murdered his brother, who was also detained and tortured.

35 former DINA agents sentenced for the kidnapping and disappearance of Reinalda Pereira



REINALDA PEREIRA – disappeared at Cuartel Simon Bolivar

Poder Judicial has communicated notification of the sentencing of 35 former DINA agents involved in the kidnapping and disappearance of Reinalda Pereira, a Communist Party militant. Pereira, 26, was 5 months pregnant at the time of her kidnapping and transfer to the torture and extermination centre Cuartel Simon Bolivar.

Ten year prison sentences were meted out to Pedro Octavio Espinoza Bravo, Juan Hernán Morales Salgado and Ricardo Víctor Lawrence Mires as perpetrators of the crime.

Gladys de las Mercedes Calderón Carreño, Juvenal Alfonso Piña Garrido, Pedro Segundo Bitterlich Jaramillo, Héctor Raúl Valdebenito Araya, Sergio Orlando Escalona Acuña, Jorge Lientur Manríquez Manterola, María Angélica Guerrero Soto, Orfa Yolanda Saavedra Vásquez, Elisa del Carmen Magna Astudillo, Eduardo Alejandro Oyarce Riquelme, Heriberto del Carmen Acevedo, Claudio Enrique Pacheco Fernández, Emilio Hernán Troncoso Vivallos, Teresa del Carmen Navarro Navarro, José Manuel Sarmiento Sotelo, Gustavo Enrique Guerrero Aguilera, Manuel Antonio Montre Méndez y Jorge Hugo Arriagada Mora were sentenced to seven years imprisonment as perpetrators of the crime.

Hernán Luis Sovino Maturana, Jose Alfonso Ojeda Obando, Jose Miguel Meza Serrano, Luis Alberto Lagos Yáñez, Jorge Iván Diaz Radulovich, Jorge Segundo Pichunmán Curiqueo, Sergio Hernán Castro Andrade, Carlos Enrique Miranda Mesa, Victor Manuel Álvarez Droguett, Orlando of the Transito Altamirano Sanhueza, Guillermo Eduardo Díaz Ramírez, Berta Yolanda del Carmen Jiménez Escobar, Carlos Eusebio López Inostroza and Joyce Ana Ahumada Despouy were sentenced to four years for their roles as accomplices in the crime.